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The Witche's Brew history officially begins in 2008 when Mirko Zonca ( pioneer of psychedelic grunge with the Nofuzz at the end of the 80es ) and Mirko Bosco ( former guitar player of the historical hard core band Disper-Azione in the mid 80es ), after various collaborations and solo projects, they meet to give life to a joint effort.
The idea is to propose a power trio heavily influenced by the 70es sound, in a decisively more aggressive and stout key, still manteining the vintage impact element.
The input of Yggy Leonetti, a session man of progressive training, allow the band to perform in various live acts and to record their first mini LP during an austrian concert. The album is issued by "Costa Ovest Records" from Pisa and distributed by "Andromeda Dischi". YggY Leonetti leaves the band in 2009 and is replaced byJos Solci and the band face the recording of White Trash Sideshow; their first studio album, produced by the prestigious Black Widow Records ( label of Pentagram, Death Row, Delirium, Wicked Mind etc.)
The record is for sale in 2010 and it quickly gains the favours of the critics, also thanks to an extreme and counter current sound production, as a fierce and straightforward album.
In January 2011, Frankie Brando replaces Solci, bringing back the sound of Witche's Brew to their unmistakable outset, structurally more acid and claustrophobic, enforcing the rocky impact parameter.
In June 2011, the Witche's Brew is once again in the studio. The band, for this production, will avail af the precious collaborations of some historical characters of the international Rock scene like, Nik Turner ( from Hawkwind ), Steve Sylvester ( Vocals of Death SS and current leader of Sancta Sanctorum and more....)At last, a new entry: Ricky DalPane from the prog rock band BUTTERED BACON BISCUITS became the singer of Witche's Brew Band in SUPERSONICSPEEDFREAKS Album.


A great New Album. Great Guests: Nik Turner (Hawkwind, Hawkloard), Steve Sylvester (Death SS and Sancta Sanctorum), Martin Grice (Delirium), Paolo Apollo Negri (Wicked Minds, Link Quartet) and J.C. Cinel (ex Wicked Mind)
 NEW LIVE ALBUM Cooming Soon

Witche's Brew at SAbbra Cadabra Doom Fest

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